Model Tests

Model Test Sample

I recently did a model test with Luke.

I should explain what the difference between a model test and a model shoot is:

When a new talent approaches an agency he/she will need photos for their portfolio or comp card. They will send the comp cards ahead of their appointment for the agency to look over. Ideally they will have minimal touchup work done as the idea is to portray yourself accurately. When the agent asks you to come in for the interview it’s important that you look like the person in your photos. Your photos must be kept up to date with your current “look”.

Because of this, touch up work is minimal and creative enhancement should be restricted. This photo of Luke is pretty much straight out of the camera. My job is to provide a nice clean clear shot showing him in his best light.

I’ve noticed that many new models out there are unaware of the difference between a model test and a standard shoot.

This particular photo I thought illustrates this very well.

Luke did good. He nailed the pose, his expression and his glance connects well with the camera and his clean simple attire works in his favour.

A good basic rule is If you dress flashy, people will notice your clothes. If you dress impeccably people will notice YOU! If your portfolio pictures are of you in a bathtub full of blood or some other crazy thing – people will just scratch their head and wonder.

What I’m saying is choose your photographer and photos wisely. Think about how you are presenting yourself. Display only your best. Quality over quantity is the way to go. You are who you appear to be and first impressions count.